The Difference between Commercial and Residential Landscaping


Landscaping services can boost your real estate property. It can add value to the space and make it look better. Commercial landscaping involves the planning, design, and installation of certain elements to make the exterior of a commercial building look better. Residential landscaping involves creating a functional and appealing home garden for the homeowner.


In any type of landscape, there are certain elements that need to come together to create a functional space. The contractor needs to create a layout for the plants, walkways, and the irrigation system. All the elements—from the types of plants growing to where the trees are placed—are carefully planned out. Each plant and shrub is there for a purpose, and it should complement any man-made elements that are placed in the space too.


Commercial landscaping is slightly different from working with a residential space. In a commercial space, the goal is to attract more customers and provide a space for the employees that is beautiful. A great working environment can lead to a happier and more productive workforce. Water features can be placed to give the space a natural look. The overall design of the space can reflect the nature of the business.


Residential landscaping is more personal, and it focuses on what the client needs. If they need a deck installed or they want a lot of plants around, the landscaping contractor will work with them to design a space that is suitable for them.
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